1999 LeeBoy 1000 Paver 8'-13' Screed

Condition: Used
Manufacturer: LeeBoy
Model Year: 1999
Model: 1000
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Stock Number: 9336
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1999 LeeBoy 1000D Paver 8′-13′ Screed

LeeBoy Legend Screed System Our popular Legend Screed, standard on the 1000D, comes with two propane burners on the main screed and one burner on each extension. The wear plate is made of 3/8 inch AR 400 steel, a special longwearing hardened material that is bolted-on for easy replacement. The hydraulic screed extensions, unique to the LeeBoy Legend Screed System, are mounted in front of the main screed and are easily adjustable resulting in a seamless mat at paving widths up to 13 feet.

Hopper and Wings The newly designed hopper on the 1000D can be raised higher than any paver in it’s class allowing for better paving on steeper grades. The hopper wings, which open to 9 feet and fold to a compact 8 1/2 feet, are hydraulically controlled from the operator’s position to move material off the wings and into the hopper. One lever controls raising and lowering of the hopper and folds the wings. The new hardboard rubber guards on the front of the hopper are longer lasting and prevent spillage. The compact size of the hopper allows easy loading directly onto a trailer.

Efficient Drive System The 1000D may be configured with tracks or rubber tires. The track version has single-speed dual motors connected directly to torque hubs which eliminates chains and adjustments. Undercarriage maintenance is reduced with the addition of two automatically adjusting track tension cylinders. The rubber tire version has two-speed transmission.

LeeBoy 1000 Series Paver controls have been consolidated into a single switch and access box, putting controls at the operator’s fingertips. A pause/resume function stops paver creeping, helping the operator to maintain a smooth mat. The LeeBoy 1000 Series Pavers may also be equipped with a full line of automatic grade controls: • Single Electronic Grade (Joint Matchers) • Dual Electronic Grade • Grade and Slope The Joint Matcher automatically matches joints whether it is multiple passes on a parking lot or a two-lane street or road. The Dual Grade Controls automatically maintain a set depth on both ends of the screed. The Grade and Slope Controls maintain a set depth on one end of the screed and a set slope to the other end of the screed. Choose the Laser Tracking Control when you need to pave large areas such as a parking lot or tennis court. Used with a rotating laser, sold separately, the Laser Tracker can follow a plane of laser light to create perfectly flat paved surfaces or a precise sloping surface for water draining/run-off purposes.


Paving width                                           8′-13′

Hopper Capacity                                    5.5 tons

Paving Speeds                                       0-220 fpm

Engine Make                                          Hatz Silent Pack Diesel

Engine Performance                              37 HP

Weight                                                   10,000 lbs

Length                                                   8’2″

Width (Transport)                                  8’6″

Width (Paving)                                      9’0″

Height                                                   6’6″

Fuel Capacity                                       13 gal

Hydraulic Capacity                                45 gal


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