2015 Power Box 1648 Plus Paver

YEAR: 2015

MAKE: Power Box

MODEL: 1648 Plus

DESCRIPTION: 2015 Power Box 1648 Plus Paver

2015 Power Box 1648 Plus Paver

VISIBILITY • The low back wall design allows the operator to easily see the asphalt hopper, truck position and front mainframe region when paving. • The 1648 Plus model has a height of 57” • Competitive machines do not offer this type of visibility.

NARROW MACHINE WIDTH • Fold-up hopper wings result in an overall width of 8’6” making transportation more economical and efficient. • The short machine width requires less trailer space, allowing more room for additional equipment like an asphalt roller.

ASPHALT HOPPER FRONT LIP • Retains asphalt within the paver’s hopper assembly as the truck unloads and pulls away. • This protects the ground drive system from undue contamination and produces a more even finished mat.

SCREED • Full-floating, adjustable, vibratory and heated screeds are standard on the Power Box Series. • The 8’ width and 13” length of the main screed provides a solid foundation for smooth, accurate, finished asphalt mats.

• Crown, invert and pitch adjustments are provided through screw-type jacks located at the center and ends of the main screed assembly. • These adjustments allow the operator to maintain a consistent depth and develop drainage contours with the mat. • A propane burner system, standard on the 1648 Plus, provides heat to the screed.

• This preheating function is required to prevent asphalt from bonding to the screed’s wear plat and scoring the mat finish.

MATERIAL AUGER SYSTEM • On the 1648 Plus model, the auger system can be ordered from the factory either mounted to the screed extensions or to the material shut-off gates, depending on customer preference and asphalt conditions.

MATERIAL SHUT-OFF GATES • Box-constructed material shut-off gates add extra strength and reliability to a very demanding area of the paver design. • Cylinder attachment point designed for excellent durability and reliability.

GROUND DRIVE • Direct-drive type track design that will not slip under normal /severe conditions. This provides the customer more versatility in different sub-base conditions. • This system self-cleans and tensions itself with the aid of a hydraulic cylinder. Track pads are made from cast steel providing the customer both durability and reliability over many years.

HYDROSTATIC DRIVE SYSTEM • All Gehl Power Box pavers have a variable hydrostatic pump design that provides smooth acceleration. • infinite control of the hydraulic track motors or wheel motors standard on the 1648 Plus. • The smooth acceleration and infinite settings give the customer good mat thickness and consistency..

SERVICEABILITY • With engine access from both sides, servicing the entire engine assembly is made more efficient. • With the engine access panel removed, access to the alternator and starter is unobstructed. Other manufacturers require the engine assembly to be totally removed. • Engine can be serviced from both sides, and provides easy access to hoses and other components for simple maintenance.



Overall Height                                       7’1″

Transport Width                                    8’6″

Operating Width                                   10’5″

Length                                                  9’7″

Truck Clearance                                   23″

Operating Weight                                 10,600 lbs.

Fuel Tank                                             12.5 gal.

Hydraulic Reservoir                             20 gal.


Model                                                  Yanmar

Gross Horsepower                              48 hp @ 3000 rpm


Full Floating & Adjustable Width          8′-13′

Length                                                 13″

Vibratory                                              3000 vpm

Screed Heating Medium

Propane                                              Standard

Hydraulic Extension                            30″ w/wear plate

Crown/Invert Adjustment                    Single Lever, 0-3″


Independent Gates                             Standard

Asphalt Hopper Capacity                    6 tons

Asphalt Hopper Style                          Gravity Flow

Material Auger Location                     Gates/Screed


Speed                                                Single, 1-130 fpm

Steel Track Pad Size                          12″ x 3″

Steel Track Length                             48″

Counter-Rotating                               Standard

Steering Valve                                   Standard


Platform                                            Isolated Dual Span

Control Location                               Dual, L&R Sides

Wash-Down Stations                        Dual Nozzle, 5.5 gal.


Hydrostatic Drive Pump Flow           37.0 gpm

Hydraulic Auger Drive Pump Flow   10.9 gpm

Hydraulic Cylinder Pump Flow         10.9 gpm

Hydraulic Oil Cooler Capacity          12.0 gpm


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