Loftness Carbide Cutter G4 Mulching Head

Loftness Carbide Cutter G4 Mulching Head

Not Just Feature Packed. Feature Perfected.

The new Carbide Cutter G4 has taken the proven performance of its predecessors to another level. 
Built in North America, the G4 has a refined and balanced design that makes it the standard by which all other mulching head attachments are measured. This newest generation incorporates features that make it a more durable, efficient and versatile vegetation management 
tool, including an improved and smoother interior body shape that decreases drag and helps prevent buildup 
of mud and other debris.


Two-Stage Cutting Chamber

A One-Two Punch: The efficiency behind the Carbide Cutter G4 can be found in its two-stage cutting chamber. Material that enters the spinning rotor (clipping at 2,000 to 2,400 rpm) is forced through moving carbide teeth and the primary shear bar. New for the G4, the primary shear bar has been made adjustable so the clearance can be narrowed or widened depending upon the desired material size and production rate. From here, the partially reduced material passes smoothly to the secondary cutting chamber behind the front bumper, where it’s processed further before being discharged toward the ground.


Cutting Edge Innovation

Design Innovations That Put You On The Cutting Edge Of Performance

  1. Precisely engineered spiral, staggered tooth pattern assures efficiency and single-tooth contact with the work surface at all times.
  2. Machined anti-wrap design protects the bearings from debris and wrapping of vines.
  3. Skid shoes adjust from 0.5 inches to -1.5 inches to allow mulching below grade.
  4. New for G4, primary shear bar is now adjustable to impact particle size and production rate.
  5. Standard V-Drive (variable-displacement motor) is a powerful production booster. New for G4, 37-percent larger for more torque and faster recovery.
  6. High precision robotic welds on rotor tooth mounts are extra long for increased strength and lifespan.
  7. Laser-cut body components made from premium strength steel.
  8. Abrasion-resistant steel used in high-wear areas.
Model 61G4 71G4
Cutting Width 61″ (1.55 m) 71″ (1.8 m)
Overall Width 76.2″ (1.94 m) 86.2″ (2.19 m)
Number of Teeth 36 42
Weight with Variable-Displacement Piston Motor (Parker) 2,453 LBS (1,112.6 kg) 2,668 LBS (1,210.2 kg)
Weight with Fixed Displacement Motor (Muncie) 2,309 LBS (1,047.3 kg) 2,524 LBS (1,144.9 kg)
Crated Weight 2,700 LBS (1,224.7 kg) 2,915 LBS (1,322.2 kg)
Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow (Up To 6,000 PSI) 33-37 GPM, 38-42 GPM, or 43-45 GPM 33-37 GPM, 38-42 GPM, or 43-45 GPM

Specifications and data are subject to change without notice.


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