New Power Box 1648A Paver


MAKE: Power Box

MODEL: 1648A

DESCRIPTION: New Power Box 1648A Paver

New Power Box 1648A Paver

VISIBILITY • The low back wall design allows the operator to easily see the asphalt hopper, truck position and front mainframe region when paving. • Competitive machines do not offer this type of visibility.

NARROW MACHINE WIDTH • Fold-up hopper wings result in an overall width of 8’6” making transportation more economical and efficient. • The short machine width requires less trailer space, allowing more room for additional equipment like an asphalt roller.

ASPHALT HOPPER FRONT LIP • Retains asphalt within the paver’s hopper assembly as the truck unloads and pulls away. • This protects the ground drive system from undue contamination and produces a more even finished mat.

SCREED • Full-floating, adjustable, vibratory and heated screeds are standard on the Power Box Series. • The 8’ width and 13” length of the main screed provides a solid foundation for smooth, accurate, finished asphalt mats.

• Crown, invert and pitch adjustments are provided through screw-type jacks located at the center and ends of the main screed assembly. • These adjustments allow the operator to maintain a consistent depth and develop drainage contours with the mat. • A propane burner system, standard on the 1648A, provides heat to the screed.

• This preheating function is required to prevent asphalt from bonding to the screed’s wear plate and scoring the mat finish.

MATERIAL AUGER SYSTEM • On the 1648A model, the auger system can be ordered from the factory either mounted to the screed extensions or to the material shut-off gates, depending on customer preference and asphalt conditions.

MATERIAL SHUT-OFF GATES • Box-constructed material shut-off gates add extra strength and reliability to a very demanding area of the paver design. • Cylinder attachment point designed for excellent durability and reliability.

GROUND DRIVE • Direct-drive type track design that will not slip under normal /severe conditions. This provides the customer more versatility in different sub-base conditions. • This system self-cleans and tensions itself with the aid of a hydraulic cylinder. Track pads are made from cast steel providing the customer both durability and reliability over many years.

HYDROSTATIC DRIVE SYSTEM • All Power Box pavers have a variable hydrostatic pump design that provides smooth acceleration. • infinite control of the hydraulic track motors or wheel motors standard on the 1648A. • The smooth acceleration and infinite settings give the customer good mat thickness and consistency..

SERVICEABILITY • With engine access from both sides, servicing the entire engine assembly is made more efficient. • With the engine access panel removed, access to the alternator and starter is unobstructed. Other manufacturers require the engine assembly to be totally removed. • Engine can be serviced from both sides, and provides easy access to hoses and other components for simple maintenance.



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Model                                                  Cat

Gross Horsepower                              49 hp


Full Floating & Adjustable Width          8′-13′

Length                                                 13″

Vibratory                                              3000 vpm

Screed Heating Medium

Propane                                              Standard

Hydraulic Extension                            30″ w/wear plate

Crown/Invert Adjustment                    Single Lever, 0-3″


Independent Gates                             Standard

Asphalt Hopper Capacity                    6 tons

Asphalt Hopper Style                          Gravity Flow

Material Auger Location                     Gates/Screed


Speed                                                Single, 1-130 fpm

Steel Track Pad Size                          12″ x 3″

Steel Track Length                             48″

Counter-Rotating                               Standard

Steering Valve                                   Standard


Platform                                            Isolated Dual Span

Control Location                               Dual, L&R Sides

Wash-Down Stations                        Dual Nozzle, 5.5 gal.


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